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We are going to finish our week by going for a splash and bathe in the sun at Rolling Hills.

Rolling Hills

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The zoo has so many animals to help us tie together all that we have learned about the safari.

Detroit Zoo

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Campers will be able to go back in time and discover inventions of the 19th century and more!

Greenfield Village

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Dressed as our iconic super heroes the kids will join different teams as they try to win the amazing battle of zapping.

Zap Zone

Our Camps
We offer weekly themed camps and field trips.

Time Travel July 10-14

Campers will make their own passports and get ready to travel around the world. They will participate in games that explore different cultures. Activities will be geared towards either a different place or time peroid. At the end of the week we go to Greenfield Village.

Star Wars the Musical | July 17-21

Campers will prepare to become a true Jedi. Throughout the week, they are given Star Wars related challenges and crafts. They also participate in the camp’s Star War’s Musical production and a trip to the Planetarium (Natural History Museum) Ann Arbor, MI.

Mad Science | July 24-28

Campers will explore fun hands on experiments. Lessons cover chemistry, physics and biology. Projects include learning about chemical reactions, how to make a motorized battery and much more! At the end of the week we are off to the Hands on Museum.

Sports Mania | July 31-August 4

Campers will learn how to build character and confidence as they test their agility in our various sports activities and sports obstacles offered throughout the week. Campers of all ages no matter their athletic level will learn how to solve problems as an individual and as a team. We end the week at Rolling Hills, in Ypsilanti, MI.

Marvel | August 7-11

Campers spot the evil villains in scavenger hunts, they learn about different strengths and weaknesses of some of their favorite superheroes from (Superman, Ironman, Hulk, Wonder Woman). There will be themed projects for each day during Marvel Week. At the end of the week students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Marvel super hero and take an adventure to Zap Zone.

Writing Week | August 14-18

Campers of all ages will be inspired to create stories of fiction, journalism, poetry and memoirs. Using the Writer workshop model students will be encouraged to write in group settings as well as individually. Students will meet local children authors and learn how to create their own journal. At the end of the week they will venture to the University of Michigan- Michigan Daily.

Safari/Disney | August 21-25

Campers get ready for an all Disney and safari week. They will participate in activities inspired from Dreamwork's Madagascar and Disney's The Lion King. Campers will also get a chance to go to Detroit Zoo and look for the animals featured in the films.

Drama/Theater | August 28- September 1

Campers will learn fundaments of acting with voice, body and mind exercises. They will also develop improvisational skills. Through the week students will gain confidence in acting, develop stage skills, build the stage and create costumes as they prepare for their own play production at the end of the week. .

Equine | July 7th

Campers will participate in an all day equine learning experience where they will put their leadership and teambuilding skills to use. Spaces are limited Lead Quine Check out

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We’re in the business of fun, here are some of our latest and greatest camp moments.

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About Us
Beyond Your Backyard Camp


Our mission is to go above and beyond providing a safe, fun space for a young generation to learn, explore nature, science, creativity and individuality.


Beyond your Backyard camp believes that if you begin to embark on a journey with children by teaching them new ideas they will develop character, confidence, leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills and build relationships.


Through our program we seek to:

  • Provide a fun and safe environment for personal and social growth
  • Encourage exploration for the world
  • Inspire reflection, scientific inquiry and critical thinking
  • Provide the most suitable inquiry based learning approach
  • Expand to other communities to bring a diverse group of people together
  • Build better interpersonal communication and relationships
  • Cultivate creativity in the arts


Education, Integrity, Creativity, Cooperation, Family, Adventure.

Program Description

Beyond your backyard camp is an indoor/ outdoor activity based camp that is designed to foster fun, safe, adventurous experiences for youth ages 5-12. Our camp provides a wide range of hand on activities, different themes, musical skits and field trips to bring a diverse community of children together.

Our Team
Our team is experienced and love every aspect of the job. We value and love children.
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Ms. Roquemore


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